Lecture about the Breakout King Carl August Lorentzen

Experience an exciting lecture about Denmark’s best known Breakout King, Carl August Lorentzen

The author Jan P. Skaarup is holding lectures about the Breakout King Carl August Lorentzen, who dug himself out of Horsens State Prison in 1949. In 11 months the prisoner succeeded to dig a 18 meter long tunnel, through which he escaped the 23rd of December 1949.

The lecture lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and is held throughout Denmark and other countries. Pictures and video will be shown, to tell the exciting story of a vivid burglar and Breakout King who spent most of his adult life in prison. He wasn’t just a common criminal, he was also a competent artist and artisan, well-liked and respected, not only of his “colleagues” in the Danish prisons, but also the prison staff and the forces of law and order. The police called him a Gentleman Thief.

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skaarup@skaarupsforlag.dk or Tel. 00 45 26 22 19 56