Video work


Hillerød Ny Teater has in cooperation with the Theater Corps produced this small theatre production, filmed and edited by Jan Patrick Skaarup 

Product Description

Glassmedjen in Hundested have had this little video produced, describing the procedure and making of a coloured late. Impressing way of work and cooperation.

Short movie

A weekend on the countryside. We, my 2 nephews and one of their friends and me, planned to make a short movie, just for fun. It became this little video, improvised and edited to an exciting actionvideo, a least something like that.

Event Video

In 2009 Tisvilde Bistro held an Art Banko, where the famous danish actor, Rasmus Botofte was konferencier. An evening where only people had the willpower not to laugh. 

Company Profile

In Copenhagen City, you can find the hairdresser shop, Aagaard Hair Academy. In this video Aagaard tells about his employees, the products and other assignments. 

Product Manual

5 videoes was ordered by The Associated Purchase Department for the Danish Press. Instructions for Truck Driveres about transportation of very heavy paper rolls used in newspaper printing.