Win and loose with the same body

Book an inspiring lecture about loosing weight

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with information about the many dangers for which we expose our health. It is about increasing stress, heavy workloads, pollution, from the air or water, and not least the cigarettes many inhale daily. Almost daily we are confronted in the press with the negative consequences of our diet – both the solid food and what we drink – has for our health. Most people are aware that there is an increasing number of individuals who get diabetes, among other things due to overweight, and this overweight also influences other parts of our body and its functions. Increasing blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, hormonal problems, problems in joints and organs, and in the worst case, some of the illnesses can cause heart problems, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The result may be the same – an excessively premature death.

Book a lecture about loosing weight in the best way. A humorous lecture without raised fingers and prejudgment. With videos, pictures and facts and lots of opportunities to ask questions.


A diet that matters

There is a lot of focus on our health, but how easy is it to take these danger signals and do something about it? Often you have to be presented with a warning close to be a death sentence in a health matter, before doing anything about it. For the author of the book Lose and Win with the same body, the sight of a birthday picture and increasing health problems, was the facts that became the starting point for a lifestyle change. By a simple diet change, more exercise and a cautious deal with sugar and starch, the kilograms disappeared and also the discomfort from the body that had been taken over the years due to an increasing weight. Trouble sleeping, snoring, high blood pressure and the medicine against it, disappeared. It became easier to tie shoelaces and walk up stairs,  to go running with the stomach bumping  up and down. In general life became much easier.

On the loss and wind with the same body

The author keeps an inspiring and humorous lecture about the process, about the ups and downs in relation to the change in lifestyle, about the hurdles, about the joys, about the many benefits that followed. There is no question of a raised index finger and moral thunder against people who do not care for their bodies. It’s a simple tale of a decision to do something about it and stick to it. The lecture is accompanied by video clips and pictures and a little about diet, vitamins and other facts about our body and the importance of a lifestyle change if we want a better life and a higher self estime.

The lecture will take about one and a half to two hours, depending on the feedback and questions along the way. Call or write for details. or Tel. 00 45 26 22 19 56